Labour law

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GBA is able to assist you on all labour law matters, whether in employment law or in social welfare law, in an advisory capacity and in the context of litigations.

We offer practical and well-informed advice for decision-making, with a concrete and adapted approach to meet your objectives.

One-to-one relations:

  • Employment contracts, specific clauses (variable pay, non-competition, teleworking, intellectual property, annualised contracts …)
  • Breach of contract (mutually agreed termination, redundancy for personnel, disciplinary, economic reasons)
  • Expatriation and secondment
  • Director status (holding of multiple posts : employment contracts & corporate appointments, social security)

Collective relations:

  • Negotiation of company agreements with union delegates / negotiation by derogation with elected representatives or employees, (possibly) appointed or by referendum
  • Duration and scheduling of work time (annual working days, stand-by duty, stand-in teams, etc)
  • Employee savings scheme (statutory profit-sharing and discretionary profit-sharing, company-funded saving plans, employee ownership)
  • Setting up and running of a Social and Economic Council – Comité Social et Economique (CSE) (agreement for executives, electronic voting, consultations, etc)
  • Company rules and regulations and IT policy
  • Health and Safety inspection regulations and occupational medicine

Social welfare law:

  • Setting up additional social welfare regimes (private health care, life insurance, retirement)
  • Litigations concerning occupational accidents and work-related illnesses
  • Litigations concerning social security agency checks (URSSAF)
  • A pragmatic approach forming an integral part of the economic  and legal stakes of the company and/or group of companies
  • Advice in line with and linked to the development of the company and/or group of companies
  • Advice which is responsive and sharp-minded in an emergency situation
  • Bespoke support
  • Contacts who are on hand, ready-to-listen and trustworthy

Our experts in labour law

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