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Do not suffer the consequences of taxation, be forward-thinking!

Our team of tax experts puts taxation at the heart of the global stakes of a company or group of companies with an objective to consider risk analysis, compliance and optimisation, both on a national and international level, as well as defining an adapted tax and patrimonial strategy.

We are also here to guide companies in tax controls and litigations.

  • Tax compliance and optimisation of restructuring operations, merger, buy-out/transfer, family transfer
  • Company taxation (corporate tax, VAT, fiscal and parafiscal taxes)
  • Research and innovation tax: research credits  (CIR – crédit d’impôt recherché), innovation research credits (CII – crédit d’impôt innovation), new company innovation (JEI – jeune entreprise innovante)
  • International taxation (VAT, transfer pricing)
  • Tax risk audits (acquisition audits/due diligence)
  • Taxation for individuals and directors (remuneration/dividends, wealth management, transmission/donation, the Dutreil scheme and transfer of ownership in family businesses)
  • Structuring of property assets
  • Preparation of tax declarations (income tax, corporate tax)
  • Applications for approval and advanced tax ruling
  • Assistance during tax controls and litigations

For directors, directors of administration and finance, non-profit organisations (associations/foundations) or private individuals, our objectives are to give an analysis which is clear, global and pedagogical, and to give you pragmatic and shrewd advice and recommendations.

Our experts in tax law

cabinet avocats rennes - Gwenola Avignon

Gwénola Avignon

cabinet avocats rennes - Nicolas Noblet

Nicolas Noblet

cabinet avocats rennes - Adèle Trouvé

Adèle Trouvé


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