Corporate law

Are you looking for skills in corporate law?

Our team of experts can assist you at each development stage of your company or group of companies. We can assist you in your growth projects, in France as well as in the international context.  We can advise you in your development strategies.

We can accompany you in your decision-making and in the negotiations to lead.

  • Constitution of all company types (statutes and associate agreements)
  • Day-to-day legal follow-up
  • Structural engineering and restructuring
  • Mergers, transfers-buy-outs
  • Family transfers
  • Venture capital and capital development (fundraising)
  • Equity transactions
  • Issuing of complex moveable property values
  • Management package (remuneration of directors and managers, stock plans and options, bonus shares)
  • Joint venture
  • Procedures to prevent difficulties and collective proceedings
  • Regulated professional activities (medical, paramedical, legal professions, architects etc.)
  • Helping you in your strategic decision-making
  • Carrying out your operations, making them secure, optimising them by taking into consideration the global context and your objectives, and anticipating their impact
  • Reflecting with you on the organisation of the associate- corporate governance relations
  • Intervening in the event of conflicts between associates

Our experts in corporate law

cabinet avocats rennes - Gwenola Avignon

Gwénola Avignon

cabinet avocats rennes - Sheherazade Azim

Shéhérazade Azim

cabinet avocats rennes - Sophie Bernadac

Sophie Bernadac

cabinet avocats rennes - Lisa Bruchec

Lisa Bruchec

cabinet avocats rennes - Florian Desaize

Florian Desaize

cabinet avocats rennes - Margot Deslandes Dieudonné

Margot Deslandes Dieudonné

cabinet avocats rennes - Benjamin Galic

Benjamin Galic

cabinet avocats rennes - Marie Hardy

Marie Hardy

cabinet avocats rennes - Anne Hélène Pelgrin

Anne-Hélène Pelgrin

cabinet avocats rennes - Gwendoline Picard

Gwendoline Picard

cabinet avocats rennes - Augustin Plesse

Augustin Plesse


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