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Corporate law

Company formation, day-to-day legal follow-up, structural engineering and restructuring, fundraising, grants, collective proceedings… we can accompany you at each stage of your company’s life cycle.

Labour law

Individual and collective relations at work, additional social welfare options, social welfare aspects of reorganisation operations, of external growth and externalisation, litigations in employment law and social protection law… our teams can advise you and guide you towards the best choices.

Tax law

Optimising and making transfer operations secure, structuring and restructuring, company taxation, audits of taxation risks, taxation issues for directors, legal and fiscal engineering, international taxation, defence proceedings in the context of tax controls and litigations… we can operate in a number of areas in French and in English.

Mergers / Acquisitions

Due diligence, management of all legal, tax and social aspects, drafting of documents and negotiation, interface with the client’s team and other advisors of the company… we put all our expertise at your disposal.

Intellectual property

Advising and setting up strategies for all the issues pertaining to the questions of intellectual property : trademark applications in France and abroad thanks to our network of partners, targeted litigations (brands, patents and royalty payments)… we can advise you on all the issues which you can come across.


Advising, drafting and negotiating for French or international sales contracts, contractual engineering… our experts will guide you in the setting up and day-to-day management of your contracts.

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