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What do you know about us?

Created in 2007, our law and company advisory firm offers advice in business law within a considerable number of areas (corporate, tax, labour, contract, intellectual property).

Evolving constantly with a mindset of innovation, the aim of our day-to-day work is to respond rapidly to our clients’ requests.

We are organised in “project mode” and our method is based on agility, cross-functional teamwork and expertise, with a triple requirement: being responsive, having a wide vision (strategic and cross-functional) within company law, sharing specific skills adapted to the project in question.

Our team is made up of lawyers, jurists, and assistants whose training background, skills, experience and drive mean show that we can assist a considerable number of companies in France and abroad.

Our clients are companies of all sizes (SMEs, family groups, subsidiaries of large groups or financial groups, …), of all activity sectors (services, construction, industry, techno, startups, IT, private practice professionals, …), of all nationalities. We assist them right from the creation stage and then throughout their development, becoming in this way an integral part of their history, project focus and evolution.

Our expertise
associated for you.

Corporate Law

Creation, fundraising, mergers… We can accompany you at each stage of your company’s life cycle.

Labour Law

Reorganisation, social welfare, litigations… Our teams can advise you and guide you towards the best choices.

Tax Law

Taxation, audit, optimisation of your operations… we can deal with a number of areas, both in France and abroad.

Mergers / Acquisitions

Due diligence, management of legal, tax and social aspects… our expertise is available for you!

Intellectual Property

Protecting, adding value, trademark applications… we can give you advice on all the issues you can come across in this area.


Advice, negotiation, drafting… our experts can accompany you in the setting up and day-to-day management of your contracts.

Our guidance,
at each stage

Analysing needs

Setting up a strategy

Setting up a time frame


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