Nicolas Noblet


Nicolas Noblet is Tax Lawyer, with a French Degree in Corporate Legal Advice (Diplôme de Juriste-Conseil Entreprise – DGCE).

He manages files both in French and in English on tax issues linked to external growth opportunities (tax audit for acquisitions, mergers and restructuring projects) and on international tax issues (permanent establishments, VAT and international flows, international agreements).

In close relation with company directors, he assists them in day-to-day tax issues linked to their projects (capital increase, conveyance of titles, retirement, restructuring, reinvestment, donated funds, etc.).

He also assists companies and their directors in the event of tax controls and litigations in the presence of competent jurisdictions.

Expert in


Tax law

Taxation, audit, optimisation of your operations… we can intervene in numerous areas, both in France and internationally.