Gwénola Avignon


Gwénola Avignon is a Corporate and Tax Lawyer, with a French Degree in Corporate Legal Advice (Diplôme de Juriste-Conseil Entreprise – DGCE).

Because taxation alone cannot control the strategic decisions of directors and associates, Gwénola opts for a transversal approach to Corporate Law with the aim of giving a global, reliable and pertinent approach.

She assists companies and their directors across various sectors (industry, services, agri-food, construction industry, innovative companies …) in their transfer/buy-out, merger and restructuring projects. She also assists them in tax controls and litigations.

Expert in


Corporate law

Creation, fundraising, mergers… We can accompany you at each stage of your company’s life cycle.


Tax law

Taxation, audit, optimisation of your operations… we can intervene in numerous areas, both in France and internationally.


Mergers / Acquisitions

Due diligence, management of legal, tax and social aspects… our expertise is available for you!